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Patrick Strong Founder, Investing And Stock Exchange Consultant

Patrick was born in a north-eastern Hungarian village, with a population around 1400. His father was working on constructions, while his mother was at home with him. When Patrick turned 6, he and his family moved to Budapest while hoping a better life. But during the next few years things just got even worse, the rents and bills were way over their exceptions, and his father had to work more and more to be able to pay them. When Patrick was old enough to understand what kind of things are happening around him, he decided he need to help his parents anyway. He started to read books about trading, stock exchange and economics. He was always over his class, and anyway, he always knew he had to be something greater. At the time, he arrived the age of 14, he started to trade with stock exchange, and as a miracle for him too, he earned approximately 10 thousand American Dollars during his first year. Currently, he has already passed 18 and he owns his own stock exchange school in Budapest and he is teaching especially begginers.

Andrew Mark Nick Founder, Motivation Instructor

The Creation of Motivate Money